Travel: How to get a passport in one day (in LA or 13 regional centers throughout the US)!

Updated October 2018.  This post was from 2011 on my former blog, DeliciousLA, but the advice is still relevant.
We got the dreaded call that there was a family emergency and had to fly up to Canada on a moment’s notice (my husband is Canadian). We scrambled and bought last minute airfare tickets from United Airlines using their “compassion fares“. We were all packed and ready to go when realized that I had no idea where my passport was!
Frantically, I searched online and to my surprise and relief, I learned that you CAN get a passport in ONE day if you are lucky enough to live close to one of 14 regional centers.
Thankfully, we live in LA so I was able to go to the Federal Buildling @ 13000 Wilshire Blvd and successfully get a passport on Wednesday. We were on our way to Canada Thursday at 7am.
Here are some links that I found helpful:

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