LA: Hike Los Liones Canyon

Updated 2018: A nice hike we enjoyed, originally featured on my DeliciousLA blog, when we were living in Los Angeles.

Our friend invited us on a hike today at the Los Liones Canyon. Hiking is a very popular past time in LA, and we’ve been getting more into it recently.  A couple of weekends ago,  Jason and I hiked Solstice Canyon and really enjoyed the views and spring flowers.

We enjoyed this hike as much, or perhaps even more! It was a longer hike (7.5 miles total roundtrip) and took about 4 hours at a leisurely pace. The scenery was incredible (despite the fact it was overcast today and there was a lot of fog/mist) – I can only imagine how amazing it must be on a clear day!   LA has been getting an unusual amount of rain lately, so everything was super green, lush and there were tons of flowers. Here are some photos from our hike….

On our way down, the fog began to clear and we began to see the city and the sea.
The Los Liones Canyon Trailhead begins nearby the mormon church in Pacific Palisades. The address is 575 Los Liones Drive, Los Angeles, CA. 90272. There is plenty of parking either in the small lot or on the street.
Some things to note: No bikes or dogs allowed. The trail is about 2 ft wide and continues to the top on a fire road. When you get to the top, there are benches and supposedly a view to the ocean that is supposedly to be fabulous.  It would be a great place to picnic. We enjoyed dates and almonds. On your way down, be sure to turn back onto the los liones trail by the bench (you will see this landmark) otherwise you’ll end up at a different trial entrance.  Be sure to bring water, snacks and sunblock!

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