LA: Horseback Riding in Griffith Park

Updated October 2018:  I imported this old post from my DeliciousLA blog, because this is still a great activity to do in the LA area!
There are so many reasons why we love LA. The fact that you can “get away” from it all in the middle of the city is pretty amazing. Last week, we joined our friends on a local adventure. We went horseback riding through Griffith Park.

According to, “With over 4,107 acres of natural terrain covered with California oak trees, wild sage and manzanita, Griffith Park is the largest municipal park and urban wilderness area in the United States.”  The Griffith Observatory, and Greek Theater are both in the park, and there are countless hikes to explore.   We love trying out new hikes, but it was kind of fun to view the landscape from horseback this time around. The horses were very well trained, and the pace was leisurely and relaxed. The views were amazing.

 Downtown LA
The other side of the mountain, view of the “Valley”
The famous Hollywood sign!
We all had a great time.  Next time, we’ll return to Griffith Park to hike by foot.  There is still so much to explore of Los Angeles….
3400 North Beachwood Drive
Hollywood, CA 90068

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