Happy New Year!

“We carry within us the wonders we seek around us” – Thomas Browne

I love this quote, because it is an important reminder that living a good and meaningful life is not about chasing what’s out there. It’s about recognizing that we have the potential to make the most of, and appreciate, the wonder in what we already have, and in the everyday. ✨

As we enter 2019, I look forward to more trips, and new experiences. But I also look forward to, and am thankful for, the “every day” – the days at work and at home, hustling and mom-ming from morning to night. The days that are not featured in social media, but are just as important to our family. The time we spent helping others in the hospital, and the time the kids’ spent practicing violin, learning letters and how to read. There is beauty in majestic landscapes, but there is also beauty in easing someone’s suffering as physicians (my husband is a surgeon and I’m a psychiatrist), and seeing our children’s smiles when they build a pillow fort, scoot down the street to the playground, or enjoy one of our home-cooked meals.

We lived 2018 with intention and appreciation. We experienced many spectacular sunsets as a family and with friends, because we made an effort to stop, look, and enjoy them.

Happy new year, and cheers to finding everyday wonder, within and beyond, in 2019!

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