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My husband and I are both full time working physicians. During the week, our lives are very busy – juggling our work demands and everyday parenting responsibilities (school, extracurricular, drop off pick up, meal time, bath time, bed time). Our time off is never taken for granted, and we try to make the most of our family time.

My instagram, and now this blog, are journals of the things and experiences we appreciate and cherish. Over the years, I’ve figured out that feeling “balanced” is not about being stress-free, or getting enough sleep. It’s not achieved by being comfortable, or by having a good job or enough resources. It’s about making sure that the different parts that give you meaning in life, and that make you feel alive and healthy, are nourished. It’s about investing your precious time on what matters most, and to pursue your interests with great passion.

The truth is that my day to day life isn’t “balanced” at all. The weekdays are a hustle of parenting, doctoring, multitasking, and the pace is full speed from the moment I wake up until bedtime. If I decide to do something creative (write for this blog, edit photos, bake) to relax and unwind, it is often a trade off with an hour or two or sleep.

These daytrips and getaways that I will be sharing on the blog are the balance to our everyday. They allow my husband and I to literally sign off from our jobs, and be fully present with our kids. They refresh and recharge my soul. I hope that by sharing my travel ideas and itineraries, I might encourage some of you to adventure and live more intentionally!

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I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, doctor, adventure enthusiast, food lover, and photographer. I spend a lot of time researching fun things for my family to do, explore and eat - so I created this space to share some information that might be helpful to others.

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